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The Bidwell Library Reading Time

Dive Into a Good Book!

This year we are diving in! We are exploring stories, genres, and searching out answers! We are finding great books, getting creative, and celebrating literature!

Bidwell Library Mission Statement:

Bidwell Library Mission Statement:

The mission of Bidwell Elementary Library is to foster the love of reading for pleasure and information by connecting our students and staff with the resources they need to inspire learning. We will enrich lives by maintaining a nurturing, safe, fun, and inviting environment for all. We will collaborate with teachers, administrators, and parents to inspire learning and ensure that we have adequate resources for our students to become active life-long learners.
Caring For Our Library Books

Caring For Our Library Books

● READ IT! Read the book to someone or have them read to you! Take turns!
● Turn the pages of a book carefully from the outside top or bottom of the page.
● Make sure your hands are clean when reading a book.
● Protect the spine and pages of the book by always using a bookmark.
● Choose one particular place to keep your library books (like your backpack or
desk) and return them when they are due.
● Keep your library books away from water, food and beverages.
● Keep books away from younger brothers or sisters who might scribble or tear the
● Keep books away from pets.
● If your book has an accident, please tell your librarian, he or she will do their best
to fix it.
Thank you for taking care of your library books, so that someone else may
use them!
Tips to "Pick" your right book!

Tips to "Pick" your right book!

P = Purpose - Why do I want to read? To learn something? To get writing ideas ? To do
a book projec t? To have fun ?
I = Interest - Does it interest me?
C = Comprehend - "Do I understand it?" Try the Wrap It Up Rule : Can you retell what
happened on the first page?
K = Know - "Do I know most of the words?" Use the 5 Finger Rule : Open the book to
a random page and start reading. Put up one finger for each unknown word. If you get
to 5, the book is too hard for now.
Happening in Our Library:

Happening in Our Library:

Bidwell Library
Bidwell Library
Bidwell Librarian Suzanne Witte
Bidwell School Yearbook
Suzanne Witte

Bidwell Librarian
Suzanne Witte

"The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children" ~US Dept. of Education Becoming a Nation of Readers
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