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Visiting Our School

Bidwell Elementary School welcomes parents to visit our campus. If you wish to talk to a teacher or administrator, please contact the office by phone or note to set up an appointment or visitation time. Student visitors are not allowed at school. The school’s liability insurance will only cover students enrolled in our school. 
California Penal Code 627.4 (a) (b) requires that all visitors register in the school office. To meet this requirement anyone visiting or volunteering in a classroom must come to the office upon arrival. Visitors/volunteers will be asked to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass. Bidwell has added the Raptor
School Security System. The Raptor system screens for registered sex offenders, manage custody issues, coordinates volunteers, and respond to emergencies. In order to be on campus, please be prepared to bring in your ID. Once the ID is scanned, the information on will be stored in our system. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our campus safe.